Save Money and Enjoy the Benefits of Buying Used

When you buy used medical equipment, it enables the business to save money and acquire the necessary equipment needed in the office or at home.  Before you make the decision to buy used equipment, it is imperative that you know what equipment you need to handle the needs of the patient, as well as ensuring it operates properly before being used.  As a shopper, you want to check all of the connectors and plugs that accompany the equipment to make sure there is no damage present.  If anything is damaged, you need to have the cords replaced before attempting to use the item.

When it comes to selecting a used EKG machine, a variety of different categories are available from which you can choose.  Make sure to keep in mind certain factors that accompany the product, such as cost and quality of the piece of equipment you purchase.  As a buyer, you need to consider the condition, price, quality, size and need of the item.  To understand the components needed to make an informed decision, evaluate the qualities in more detail.  Buying one of the EKG machines for sale might be just the thing to help your business grow and save money at the same time.


Take the time to evaluate what the equipment is going to be used for.  Is the equipment going to help you diagnose various conditions easier?  Will the equipment be designated to a specific specialty area, such as equipment dealing with heart conditions?  The underlying goal is to make sure the equipment is capable of meeting the specific needs of the business.  Research through the various pieces of equipment to determine which one is best suited for your business needs.


Go through and evaluate the condition of the equipment you are considering purchasing.  It is important that your equipment works safely and properly.  Test all of the equipment you receive to make sure that everything is functioning properly.  Unless you are only planning to use the item for parts, you should take the time to test the unit and ensure it is in good working order before committing to the purchase.  The last thing you want is to be stuck with an extensive repair bill right after you spend the money on your equipment.


Examine the quality of the used equipment.  Most of the time, this is determined based on the age of the equipment.  Older models might not have all of the same features that the newer equipment will.  The main thing you need to check as a purchaser is that the equipment has all of the necessary features you are going to need for your business.  If you aren’t sure which features the device has, ask for clarification beforehand or request a demonstration on how the equipment operates.  They should be able to demonstrate that the machine is capable of performing a specific function, if possible.


It is imperative that you have a solid understanding of how much space you have available before making the decision on which item is going to work for your business.  In terms of size, most of the current medical equipment is a lot more compact and capable of fitting into a small space than some of the units from years ago.  When it comes time to buy EKG machinecomponents and accessories, you need to make sure you have went through and examined the clearance of any cabinets or ceilings where you are storing your item.  By measuring the space properly, you can make sure you are never without the proper equipment for the business because of size restrictions.  Regardless of what you need to purchase, you always need to measure before making any commitments to purchase items.


Price is the final consideration when buying used medical equipment.  After you set your budget for purchasing equipment, make sure you compare all of the different prices for the various machines before settling on which one you are going to purchase.  Buying used will help you to keep the cost down while still being able to purchase high-quality items.

Medical Equipment Safety is Important

After you purchase a piece of used medical equipment, you need to take all of the necessary precautions before you attempt to operate the device.  The following sections help you know what to look for on your used equipment.


Before operation, examine the equipment to ensure it is going to operate properly.  Connect all of the screws, wires and cords tightly.  Examine any connectors and cords to see if any damage is present.  The equipment shouldn’t have any punctures or dents.

Electrical Safety

Before you plug the machine into the outlet, check the cord condition.  Only plug your equipment into an outlet that is grounded.  Avoid exposing the cords to excessive heat or moisture.  After the machine is in location and the plugs are connected, bundle all of the cords together to prevent anyone from tripping over them.


When it comes to purchasing medical equipment, you need to make sure everyone who uses it has been properly trained.  If there are instructions included with the unit, take the time to read through them before you try to operate the device.  If instructions weren’t provided, ask for help from someone who has been thoroughly trained on how to use the item.  This helps make sure you know when the device is operating properly or not, as well as what you need to do if the machine fails to operate.


All medical equipment should be properly sterilized.  Use sterile gowns, gloves and masks if the situation warrants it.  Dispose of hazardous materials properly.  When dealing with a patient that has a communicable disease, you need to take extra precautions.  Consider wearing special shoe covers and eyewear.  Sterilize any reusable equipment to eliminate bacteria.

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