Used Medical Equipment Solutions

PRN has additional staff to assist with the purchase and removal of used equipment. Call us today to schedule a pickup.

Physicians Resource Network (PRN) has been a national leader in the sale of New, Used, and Refurnished medical equipment. PRN was born on the premise that all of our clients should operate more profitability and make the acquisition or selling of medical equipment a pleasant experience. We encourage you to browse our site and to contact us with any questions.

At PRN we have a large inventory or medical equipment, parts, and accessories. We are constantly buying and selling products so if there isn’t an item you see in our inventory list, contact us and we can surely assist in helping get you the item you are interested in.

If you are interested in any items we have please contact our sales department to inquire. Items in inventory may or may not list prices as some items may be for parts, others incomplete, etc. by having the discussion both we and the buyer can agree on a price and make the transaction a pleasing experience.

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