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The heart is a vital organ found in the human body.  With repeated contractions, we use our heart to pump blood throughout the blood vessels. This is why we can’t live without a functioning heart. In order to make sure that our hearts don’t fail on us, we rely on cardiac monitors. Thankfully with companies like Physician’s Resource Network, you can find cardiac monitors for sale at a reasonable price.

What is a Cardiac Monitor?

A cardiac monitor is a medical device used to detect unusual patterns in a patient’s heart. Patients wear the device while it records and transmits the heart rhythms to trained technicians. Since these machines are continuously checking heart movements, any problems will be noticed right away. This allows doctors to react immediately to emergency situations that arise, making the machine very beneficial to treating heart patients. They are usually found at hospitals and other medical offices.

Types of Cardiac Monitors

Today, there are numerous types of cardiac monitors on the market.  As we mentioned earlier, the most common kinds of cardiac monitors are the ones medical practitioners use.  Since they serve such a great purpose to our society, these are the most expensive and complex cardiac monitors you can find.  One medical related cardiac monitor in particular is the cardiac event monitor. These are used mainly for patients who are suffering from heart arrhythmia. The way this specific device works is by attaching it to the waist of the patient’s pants. Electrodes are then placed on the person’s chest. This will monitor the cardiac activities detected, so if a patient notices any irregular heart movements, he or she can push a button on the cardiac event monitor to record the heartbeat. The heartbeat is then stored in the device to show a doctor later. While these machines are typically pricey, the cost really depends on the manufacturing brand and how many events it can store.

Another type of cardiac monitor used by doctors and other medical staff is the electrocardiogram machine, which is commonly referred to as EKG. An EKG machine is one of the more sophisticated, technical heart monitoring devices found in the healthcare field. This piece of equipment is usually used when heart patients go to their doctors for a checkup.  To use this device, dozens of electrodes are placed strategically on the patient’s body. The EKG machine then measures heart rate, while it also records irregular beats and any other electrical activities of the heart. Since EKG machines are so technically advanced, a brand new one costs thousands of dollars.  Even private practice doctors have to spend $1000 or more for a used EKG cardiac monitor.

Then, there’s the type of cardiac monitor that is located in gymnasiums for physical training sessions. These are used ideally to maintain an optimal heartbeat, all while still burning calories and developing muscles.  This type of cardiac monitor comes in the form of a light, comfortable chest strap and a specially designed battery powered wrist watch. The chest strap should be wrapped around the torso during workouts. By doing that, a signal is emitted to the watch, which then displays the heart rate onto it. This helps people exercising know what their heartbeat is, so they have an idea of how effective the workout is.

Finding Cardiac Monitors for Sale

Now that you know how important these devices are for your well being, the question is where do you find cardiac monitors for sale? These machines are very expensive, which makes it hard for even small scale, private medical and healthcare organizations to buy a new cardiac monitor. Thanks to this, many people turn to used cardiac monitors instead since it’s a cheaper alternative. The price drop doesn’t mean though that the machine lacks in quality or won’t be able to serve its purpose. Instead, you are saving money because someone else paid for the depreciation of the device. A fantastic place to find cardiac monitors for sale is online. You want to make sure that whatever website you buy from is a reliable and refutable source.  There are so many fraudulent companies out there, and the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a scam. Physician’s Resource Network is one company that you can trust. They offer many great deals when it comes to these machines.

Physician’s Resource Network sells used and fully refurbished cardiac monitors on their website. PRNwebsite is updated frequently with the latest types of cardiac monitors, although with a constantly changing inventory and countless transactions, it’s hard for them to list daily every device they offer. However, they still do their best to keep the site up-to-date with the latest information. In the past, PRNwebsite has worked with a long list of clients, including well-known hospitals. This cardiac monitor distributer has been able to provide hospitals and doctors alike with effective devices at all-time low rates.

Contact Physician’s Resource Network to Learn More About Our Cardiac Monitors

Are you looking for a specific cardiac monitor? Visit us at Physician’s Resource Network to check out what we offer. Here you will find pictures and prices of our inventory, so you have a better idea of what you’re buying before you make the purchase. Got a question? Pick up the phone and contact us at 1-800-284-0967. Our representatives are always here to help you find the cardiac monitor that’s best for you and your medical needs. We can provide you with information about not only our prices and policies, but even the cardiac monitors themselves.

If you are looking for new or used monitors, PRNwebsite can provide you with exactly what you need.  All of the equipment we sell is in great working condition and will be shipped to you as soon as you make the purchase. Gone are the days where you buy something online and have to wait weeks or months to receive it. Once the product is shipped to your facility, you can begin to install and use it right then and there.  It’s clear we need our hearts to live. Now, with PRNwebsite’s assistance, you can buy cardiac monitors for sale at an affordable rate.

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